It’s Face Time for the Rest of Us

IMPORTANT UPDATE (12/16/2011): ooVoo now works with iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and Android. So does Skype!

Seems like everyone is talking about front-facing cameras these days.

But what if you can’t afford hundreds of dollars to upgrade your phone? What if you still have months on your contract?

What if you just want to try video calling?

You can with the Stand!

For only $14.95, you can turn the rear-facing camera on your smart phone into a front-facing camera.

Find a friend and it’s even cheaper! The Twin Pack comes with two Stands and only costs $19.95. That’s less than $10.00 a piece! (Or, you can buy a Twin Pack, leave one at home, and take one to your job.)

And, shipping is FREE!!

The Stand works anywhere there’s a flat surface: a desk, dining room table, kitchen counter, coffee table, dresser, a bathroom vanity, even the floor.

There are lots of options for video calling apps. I’ve listed the major ones on the Video Calling page.

Ever take self-portraits? Self-portraits can be hands-free with the Stand! See the Self-Portraits page for recommendations.

Ever record a video of yourself? It’s much easier if you can see yourself on the display. See the Vlogging page. (Personally, I’ve started using the Stand to record daily videos where I talk to my granddaughter. I call them “Good Morning, Clara.”)

Oh, and iPhone 4 users: The Stand lets you video blog in high definition because you can record with your rear-facing camera!

I’ve included a compatibility chart below to show how well the Stand works with the smartphones I own. It shows results for the iPhone 3GS and original Motorola Droid. More phones are listed on the Compatibility Chart page.

When you are ready to order, just click on Order Yours.

Thank you for your interest in the Stand!

Phil Farrand

The Vainworks Stand is manufactured in Springfield, Missouri, USA, using local suppliers and assembled at the local sheltered workshop. For details, see my blog below, “The Adventure Thus Far.”